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Being Fit for Life & for the Fight!

The idea of total fitness is where military members are charged with not just staying in top-notch physical health, but also in all areas of their life and career. This has been espoused for some time now especially in light of high divorce rates, substance abuse, sexual assaults, suffering from post-traumatic stress, suicide, financial struggles, and other negative behaviors. These actions keep military members from being at the top of their game when it comes to the preparedness to "fight tonight" or for any situation that they might have to face.

In order to achieve our overall vision and objective of training military operators to be "fit for the fight and life", we seek to provide comprehensive instruction delivered through unit volunteers who facilitate “fitness for operators by operators.” In layman's terms, this means that we intend to come alongside volunteer unit leaders so that they can better develop their unit's total fitness. We will do this through volunteer and paid staff who are military members or veterans in the execution of Freedom Fitness America programs. Our core values are Fitness, Faith, Family, Finances, and Freedom. These are explained below.


Servicemen need to be in top physical condition  to perform in the midst of the rigors of peacetime training and administration and especially during combat operations. Our organization will seek to provide challenging physical fitness programming that can be offered to military units as well as health coaching that includes nutrition for our military members that keeps them at the top of their game.


Victory on the battlefield does not necessarily go to the army who is numerically superior, has a technological advantage, or is better trained. History has shown that often it goes instead who are willing to fight for their cause no matter the price stemming from a deep internal reserve of fortitude to draw from during difficult times. This intangible human factor drives tangible results in life and death situations on the battlefield and in life which call upon a unity of heart, mind, and soul that is inherently spiritual. In fact, the US Marine Corps has coined this as "spiritual fitness" which if honed can be a force of combat multiplier to reckon with or one of readiness degradation.

Freedom Fitness America seeks to come alongside military men and women and train them to be more spiritually fit by reinforcing common corps values such as Honor, Courage, and Commitment, retelling stories of warriors who have gone before to make the ultimate sacrifice, and providing ethics training consistent with American values.

Furthermore, Freedom Fitness America provides voluntary and optional training that supports unit chaplains in the administration of their Command Religious Programs. This specialized training is faith-based which seeks to tie in spiritual topics of relevance to warriors in order to combat moral injury and provide a source of ultimate strength that will enable courage in the face of fire on the battlefield and in life. We do this in alignment with a long-standing national tradition of "One Nation Under God" as a crucial foundation from which our nation's strength emanates from. We support the chaplain's obligation to facilitate the practice of all belief systems inside of the military and defend vigorously the freedom of speech and religion as espoused in the 1st Amendment of the United States Constitution.

That being said, we at Freedom Fitness America in particular endorse the Christian faith as found in the Old and New Testaments of the Bible. We believe personally that it provides the most comprehensive outlook of life throughout history that effectively addresses difficult issues service members face of mortality, moral guidance regarding the taking of human life, and dealing with the complexities of human life in general. Furthermore, it is the faith that the leadership of our organization along with complimentary military and veteran support organizations has found works best in the crucible of military service and aiding our nation's veterans with the problems they face internally. As such, our faith-based curriculum and support are designed to support unit Command Religious Program Christian faith-based sessions that serve the Christian military community as well as those seeking to understand the Christian perspective better.


Military operators have two families: those they go to war with and those they leave behind. We seek to provide life skills training to enhance unit cohesion and family unity among military members and their spouses as well as their children.


If a military member is concerned about their finances, it is likely they are not focused on the job at hand let alone can get into trouble such as steep indebtedness which deeply affects morale and the ability to maintain a security clearance. As such, we provide training on how to properly take personal initiative, leadership, and management in the area of finances to ensure our military members have healthy finances.


"America is great because she is good. If she ever ceases to be good, then she'll cease to be great." Alexis Tocqueville, Democracy in America. The United States of America is certainly endowed with an incredible economy, military power, and a diverse pool of talented people for sure. However, its greatness comes from a collective legacy of human dignity, service to the world at large, and a reputation for competence in diverse areas of life. To that end, the American military value system reflects that of its nation. As such, Freedom Fitness America seeks to provide instruction in leadership and ethics to our men and women in uniform.

Furthermore, it seeks to enhance instruction for elective training on practical military skills such as those found in the Marine Corps Battle Skills Test to enhance unit training. This instruction will be given by credible instructors with real-world application of noble principles designed to instill a DNA of integrity and competence in all that these men and women do in the service of our great nation. Thus these men and women will carry on the legacy of our nation for future generations of a "land of the free because of the brave."

From a military operator’s perspective, living at the point of the spear advancing the national security objectives of their nation appears to be the highest calling. However, once back home, it seems that there is not a cause to live for. We seek instead to harness the drive of military members to want to live for a higher purpose by serving their communities by executing similar fitness programs for high schools, universities, first responders, and employees of businesses as part of corporate wellness programs.