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Welcome to Freedom Fitness America!

I’m Chris Reardon, the Founder and Executive Director of Freedom Fitness America

Freedom Fitness America is a non-profit organization dedicated to training military professionals to be fit for the fight and life; namely to be physically, mentally, and spiritually prepared for the violence of combat and to excel in tackling obstacles in everyday life.

We focus on the areas of Fitness, Faith, Family, Finances, and Freedom.  My team and I specialize in implementing an innovative approach to unit training and individual service members' readiness that combines unit physical training as well as outdoor tactical training with relevant hard-hitting leadership development guided video content discussions presented by relatable speakers.  We present easy-to-implement “train the trainer” methodologies, and user-friendly tools that seamlessly help you integrate a system of total fitness utilizing mid-grade leaders into busy battle rhythms.  We also provide virtual coaching support to military leaders and chaplains who are busy but recognize the need for developing their people to be resilient in the face of adversity in operational settings and in life.

The reason that we provide this training is so that military leaders and chaplains can implement systems (with their units) to develop their warriors to be ready to pull triggers, come back whole, and ultimately be victorious in life as well!

Chris Reardon

USMC, Major
13+ Years of Active-Duty Military Service

Fitness Industry Experience

Experienced as a CrossFit Level I Coach, a former Fitness Business Owner, and knowledgeable in people development.

Who Are We?

At Freedom Fitness America -- We seek to enhance military human performance by increasing the "total fitness" of military professionals in body, mind, relationships, and soul.

We aim to make our warriors prepared for the stressors of combat so that they can be prepared to make difficult decisions on the battlefield and endure the often harsh reality of operational environments.

Want to learn more about what this concept of military total fitness means to us and how we define our values?  Then click on the link below to watch an overview of "What Does It Mean to Be Fit for the Fight and Life" by our Founder/Director, Chris Reardon!

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How Do We Facilitate Total Fitness Training?

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Training Methods

Our Training methods are done through virtual coaching services and training aids for military professionals, leaders, and chaplains who are in the military -- so that they can increase both theirs and their unit's ability to be prepared to withstand the stresses of combat and thrive in everyday life.

This includes providing optional Christian faith-based Command Religious Program training aids to provide relevant spiritual fitness materials.  This allows military chaplains to address difficult moral and ethical issues inherent to military service, increase fortitude in service members and their families, and provide innovative approaches to leveraging lay leaders in their units where and when chaplains can't support themselves due to limited bandwidth.

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Non-Profit Service to the Military

As a non-profit organization, we provide FREE services and content for military units and members.  We are in the process of building out a new revenue model as well where civilians will be able to experience a similar total fitness training model but will pay for services in order to fund our work among the military community.

We believe in a concept of "fitness by operators for operators" which means we work by, with, and through military professionals to deliver our services. This also means that our program facilitators are military members and veterans with actual experience living and working with military professionals.  This enables them to speak with a common warrior language!

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This a service program that we facilitate where we provide virtual coaching and training aids for military unit chaplains and other military leaders.  We combine functional fitness workouts and video-guided discussions in the areas of Fitness, Family, Finances, and Freedom which are further defined here

This is so that military members can train together especially while in a dispersed operational environment while also receiving valuable life coaching and resiliency training.  Having a "done for you" fitness training schedule that is combined with links to valuable video discussion resources allows for a group training experience that will enable service members to reach maximum physical performance during training exercises, physical fitness tests, and military operational settings. 

At the same time, they will reduce their risk of moral injury and increase their fortitude and ability to navigate the challenges of the battlefield and life.  To understand this service more, then click on the link below to learn about the Freedom Box and take advantage of the 1 month Freedom Box Challenge!  

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This service is where we coach military unit leaders on how to facilitate a unit outdoor adventure competition run on military installations to promote teamwork, military skills enhancement, and resiliency. This event is a racecourse that includes tactical small arms stress shooting, functional fitness, obstacles, tactical skills inspired by the US Marine Corps Battle Skills Test, and is combined with video discussion training highlighting issues of domestic violence, moral injury, substance abuse, suicide, post-traumatic stress, and operational stress based on eye witness testimony of post 9/11 US Special Forces members both during combat operations and after they returned to face another war. 

These discussions are designed to be led by small unit leaders such as non-commissioned officers/petty officers and generate robust conversation among service members in an adult based learning methodology on better understanding underlying issues that affect the warrior's soul downrange and back home...  

During the evolution, service members will opt into a breakout session of their choice based on two alternative approaches to developing strategies that will enable them to stay resilient in the fight and in life.  One approach involves training in Operational Stress Control techniques such as tactical breathing, talking about the emotional impact of taking life on the battlefield, and having an awareness of what it means to assess "total fitness".  The other approach is a further video-based guided discussion from a Christian faith-based nature as part of a unit Command Religious Program overseen by a military chaplain.  During this session, military members get an opportunity to hear real-life stories from veterans who have found peace through a faith-based resolution to issues such as suicidal ideations, alcohol abuse, domestic violence, and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. 

At the current time, due to COVID-19 social distancing restrictions that military units are operating under, we are not actively promoting the full version of the Freedom Assault Course.

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These services are offered for civilians who want to help support the cause of optimizing military human performance financially while also getting a benefit of military leadership, physical, and tactical training delivered by military and veteran professionals.  Our facilitation of these services promotes a greater understanding of military life for civilian supporters to better understand the stresses of military life by experiencing practical physical and tactical training.  Furthermore, civilian supporters are invited into video-guided discussions themselves to learn how to be more resilient facing their own life challenges and become better citizens themselves. 

The services are broken out as follows:
Freedom Nation

Our organization offers the Freedom Box experience to the fitness community, high schools, universities, the first responder community, and in the corporate world. This will be done to promote the American spirit and build national resiliency and conscience. Furthermore, this allows service members to use their skills obtained in military service to find a cause greater than themselves once again in the service of their nation and world. Successful warrior reintegration programs have shown that when veterans are given the ability to make a difference in practical ways while staying connected to other veterans, they find a new way to recreate the experience of adventure, serving a cause greater than themselves, and camaraderie with people of strong character and competence.  To participate in this year's 2021 Freedom Nation Campaign, click here!

Freedom Crucible

The Freedom Crucible is the Freedom Assault Course except where civilians are run through the course at the leadership of military professionals.  This is done for the purposes of team building and leadership development in civilians while providing morale and welfare recreation funding through funds raised for military units.  

Due to COVID-19, the Freedom Crucible Course is not currently offered at this time because of social distancing restrictions.  We will provide word on when this service becomes available again!

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